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Post by GrimFuture on Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:35 pm

A few thousand loot is not enough to entice farmers to gain cups. Farmers can get much more loot staying low in cups. But SuperCell wants to incentivize all players to chase cups. So, instead, offer players something valuable, yet non-monetary. Offer artifacts! These are items that players can take pride in, and enable better troop performance.

Artifacts, Level Badge Return, Welcome Message Icon 1176280_200118050154855_1026963092_n
The higher league you are in, the greater the chance you can win artifacts after a battle. After a battle, have a medieval slot machine or shell game application costing ELIXIR to play. You can win artifacts. Players don't have to pay and play the application.

Artifacts will give automatic bonuses only to your CC troops. Artifacts will expire over time.

Tiger Skins: For every Skin you have, barbarians move .01% faster. 200+ Skins will grant .01% more damage.
Eagle Feathers: For every Feather you have, archers shoot .01% faster. 300+ Feathers will grant .01% attack range.
Chicken Bones: For every Bone you have, goblins will deliver .01% more loot plundered as a separate bonus after the battle. 200+ Bones will grant .01% resistance to splash damage.
Geode Rocks: For every Rock you have, giants have .01% more HP. 500+ Rocks will grant +.01% regeneration rate.
Crystal Balls: For every Ball you have, wizards do .01% more damage. 700+ Balls will grant +.01% repeating chances of teleportation closer to the next target building.

These artifacts are represented by icons listed to the right of player names on chat messages. Each icon has a number superimposed to represent their inventory of artifacts. When the second level of artifact quantity is reached (for example in the screenshot above, 220 tiger skins), this number changes color to signify its important additional powers.

Offer an incentive per League season conclusion! After every league season ends, the top ten winners gets 3 free slot machine pulls.

Next to the clan info icon "i", will be a new welcome "w" icon.  Tapping this w icon will pop up an editable message box where the leader can enter a message that only appears to new visitors. This may explain some additional rules, questions, or guidance for new visitors.

In our clan, of course, we (I and our elders) ask new visitors some repetitive questions. This icon can save us some work. For other clans, it can help give guidance, expectations, or warnings.

Lastly, bring back the account level badge next to player names in chat messages. Especially in recruiting, we need a quick way to know how advanced a player account is. But the background image icon of the level icon can be the league badges. So in other words, the level number is superimposed over the league badge. League badges will have to be re-done because a particular color and design now has to represent both the division and league.
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